Q1: Can our conversation about my property be handled confidentially?

A1: Yes. Biovation uses a confidentiality agreement for clients who want their information to be maintained private. Any information will be kept strictly confidential.

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Q2: Can you help me understand state environmental regulations and how they pertain to my property?

A2: Yes. Biovation employs a highly knowledgeable staff with access to resources that are up to date on all the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) regulations. We offer a free regulatory review on most properties.

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Q3: Is there state money available to clean up my property?

A3: It depends on when your discharge was recorded with the FDEP. Florida has various programs for reported discharge dates from 1986 - 1998 with various caps and deductibles for each program. The sites are regularly scored based on risk to human health. Site scores, eligible for State funding, are raised or lowered depending on available funds from the Inland Protection Trust Fund.

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Q4: My site is eligible for funding now. How much time do I have before the funding changes?

A4: Available funding typically changes during the annual State budgeting process. It is not unusual for funding for site cleanups to "dry-up" so it is very important to get your site cleaned up fast while State money is available. This is where Biovation's rapid cleanup technology really shines. We clean up typical sites in less than 5-months.

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Q5: My site has a low score, is State money available to obtain a No Further Action (NFA) from the FDEP?

A5: Yes. Florida has a program called the Low Score Site Initiative (LSSI). If your site is scored 10 and under, you may be eligible for environmental assessment money. Biovation can help you through the application process, perform the necessary site assessment, and ultimately obtain a NFA for your site.

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Q6: I am not happy with the uncertainty and length of time it is taking to clean my property. Can I change from my current consultant to Biovation?

A6: Yes. If your site is a state funded project, there is a Contractor Designation Form (CDF) that is required to be completed and Biovation can help you with that. If you are funding the project, you can make a change anytime, but it is always a good idea to notify the State that a change is being made.

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Q7: I want to clean my property fast, but I have heard a lot of promises from many environmental companies before. Can Biovation back it up?

A7: Biovation can back it up. We have many rapid site closure results well-documented in Florida state records. We also offer Pay for Performance contracts which means we are not paid unless we achieve certain cleanup milestones for your property. We would be delighted to provide you with a proposal for your site for you to evaluate how fast and effective Biovation can be.

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Q8: I have heard bioremediation methods have been tried for many years and are not effective. Is that true?

A8: A number of companies have tried bioremediation, but they either don't have the knowledge to use it effectively or are very selective in its use. Biovation, formerly Bioworld, has been perfecting our bioremediation techniques for more than 15 years. Our success stems from diligent research, real site experience, and finding field-tested solutions. Every site is different, which is why we utilize a combination of technologies to enhance our bioremediation methods into its most effective form. This innovation has led to our Advanced Bio-Cycle® process and trailers. For over a decade we have had 100% success cleaning up sites and obtaining Site Rehabilitation Completion Orders (SRCO), faster than the competition.

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Q9: How disruptive will this be to my business?

A9: Biovation uses discrete portable trailer(s), mobilized to your site to actively treat the soil and groundwater. Our trailers are typically on site for 1-5 months, as needed. While active treatment is taking place, Biovation utilizes water hoses (similar to garden hoses) to minimally disrupt activities at your site. Our hoses are small in scale, flexible and can even be driven over so your business can remain open. In addition, treatment areas can be sectioned into smaller zones to minimize the impact on your property. Biovation's treatment trailers and hoses enable us to park our equipment a distance away from the treatment area if needed, and run hoses in a safe and discrete manner; while alternative technologies can be very disruptive as they tear up the pavement and trench in permanent conveyance lines or remove thousands of cubic yards of soil.

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